5 Things You Do The Morning After A Hook-Up

Not necessarily in this order but pretty darn close if you’re a regular one-night stand type of person. You already have a little morning after routine you got going and almost have it down to the T.
1. Go Home:

If you’re one of the few that actually stay the entire night, then you make sure first thing you have an uber or ride back home or even a friends house. The worst thing is waiting for them to kick you out or oversleeping into the late afternoon realizing you overstayed your welcome. Making sure you have an escape plan first thing in the morning is essential and if you’re lucky you get morning sex before but if not you’re first stop is usually home.

2. Group Text:

During your journey home you’re probably texting all your buddies in a group chat letting them know you’re alive and most likely giving them the dirty details of your night. If you’re not entirely sure what even happened the night before then, you’re probably searching for answers to which your friends will more than likely fill you in, if they even remember.

3. Shower:

Depending on how hard you went the night before you probably smell like the inside of the distillery with some sex stank lingering so showering the second you get home is a must. Especially before you get all cozy in your bed, you may want to change out of your clothes, immediately throwing them in the wash. Even though they were off while you were doing your thing, you still had to put them on this morning, and it’s nice to start the day washing your sins away.

4. Nap:

Chances are you didn’t get much sleep last night, and if you’re lucky, you don’t have any set plans for the day after or it’s going to be brutal. After your hot, relaxing shower it’s nice to lay down for a little snooze, depending on how early you actually got home. The more tired you are, the more successful your night turned out so make sure you get some sleep in case you have another eventful night out.

5. Overanalyze:

Once you awake from your slumber, you start to piece together all of the raunchy details of exactly what happened and how your night actually played out. Depending on who it was and how successful the night was you begin to wonder if you would want to do it again possibly.

Now it’s time to debate on if you want to reach out to them or if they would even want to hear from you. Hopefully, you at least remember their name if not then finding their number will be a struggle. Once you replay last night’s scenario and picture yourself sleeping with this person again, you make the conscious decision of taking the chance and sending the “ I had a good time last night” text and the rest is history.

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